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Your Vision and Your Plan

Whether you are worth $5 million or $50 million, a dedicated surgeon or a serial entrepreneur in the Bay Area, you are likely to have the same concerns about how to grow and protect your financial assets, such as:

  • Protecting your retirement nest egg during uncertain economic times: 

  • "If the market drops 10%, or 20% when I retire, how would that impact my retirement life style? Sure, I like to live as long as I can, but will I outlast my savings?" 

    "I have a lot of assets, but do I have to sell them, and how do I guarantee to have enough income to last for the rest of our lives?"

    "I don't want to burden my children, so how do I prepare for the unforeseen illnesses, such as dementias and other extended health care events?"

  • Accumulating enough retirement savings:

    "Not sure whether I'm satisfied with the progress I have made. Do I even know how much I really need to retire comfortably for the next 20 or 30 years?"

  • Planning for your family's financial well-being after you are gone: 

    "How do I get some guarantee that my family can maintain the standard of living we currently enjoy, that my family won't have to sell the house and leave the neigborhood where my kids grow up and attend schools?"

  • Preserving your family wealth:

    "What about all the taxes that will levy on my estate? How much will my heirs get after settling the tax liability?"

    "And will Junior (though is a defensive driver) be able to hold on to the wealth to pass on to the next generation?"

If these questions are difficult now, imagine how they will be in five or ten years from now. Of course, planning your financial future can be intimidating in today's increasingly complex landscape of Wealth Management. Luckily, you don't have to go it alone. I have helped dedicated medical professionals, successful entrepreneurs, and business owners, just like you, to accomplish their goals.

As Principal at Alpha Family Wealth Preservation and Insurance Solutions, a New York Life insurance agent with 10 years of experience, and a Registered Representative of NYLIFE Securities LLC, Greater San Francisco, I specialize in Advanced Investment, Insurance, and Estate Planning Strategies to help fulfill your financial commitments to yourself and your family.

By tapping the vast resource of New York Life and a team of experienced professional advisers (CPA, Attorneys, and Investment Advisers) at its Advanced Planning Group, I am confident that I can help you address your financial needs and then determine which insurance and investment products can best help you meet your objectives.

Contact me and arrange for a free consultation session now. Why wait?

My team and I, together with your group of advisers, can help you understand your options and take the steps necessary to help safeguard your family wealth and your legacy.

A plan not executed is just a stash of paper.

The sooner you act, the less the solution will likely cost.

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